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Don’t Leave Your Brand in the Hands of a Template

To compete in the digital marketplace, you need a website that communicates your brand’s message as effectively as possible. Using a pre-made CMS template can leave you with a site that fails to impress, and doesn’t perform the functions required of it.

Don’t miss this opportunity to establish a unique online presence that works for your business – embrace a custom web design service today!

We Standout From Other Web Design Companies

We are passionate about what we do and it is reflected in our work. Our team has extensive experience in design and building custom websites for businesses of all sizes. We offer a full range of services including design, development, hosting, maintenance, and more.

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A Website that Fits Your Brand

When you work with a pre-made CMS template, you don’t have the flexibility to design your site exactly as you want it.

Even if you find a theme that precisely matches your brand’s look and feel, there is no guarantee that it will function in exactly the same way as any other website using that template.

By opting for a custom web design service, you can rest assured that your site will be a reflection of your business. Using the skills and imagination of professionals, every aspect of the site – from navigation to colors – can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Web Design Technology You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a stellar performance from your website, it’s important to partner with a web design company that’s up to date on current technology. Using modern tools and techniques means you can rest assured your site will be able to keep up with the demands of online users, now and in the future.

In contrast, those who choose a pre-made template may not have access to recent advancements – meaning their site could easily fall behind, causing them to miss out on potential business.

The Benefits of a Custom-Built Website

Having a website developed from scratch gives you the unusual benefit of being able to decide what is included and what is left out.


You can include all the information you feel is relevant, and remove that which your target audience would not be interested in. Build a site that complements your brand – not one that hinders it.

Added Functionality

A custom web design gives you much more freedom to add the features you need for success (such as an online store). Whether it’s creating a database or an eCommerce site, there are no limits to what you can achieve with a custom solution.

No Content Restrictions

If you use a pre-made CMS template, you may run into restrictions on the type of content that is allowed on your site. With a custom-built site, you have free reign over all aspects of the design – whether it’s video, animation, or flash.

Freedom of Design

Impress your audience by offering them something they’ve never seen before! Using a custom web design service means you can be bold and creative with your site, while still getting the features required for success (such as Search Engine Optimization).

Unlimited Potential

As each website is different, there are no limits to what can be achieved. A custom website allows you to let your imagination run wild while benefitting from the skills of web professionals.

Performance & Speed

As each website is different, there are no limits to what can be achieved. A custom website allows you to let your imagination run wild while benefitting from the skills of web professionals.

Our WordPress Development Process

When you work with us to build your WordPress website, we follow a strict client-oriented process to ensure that your unique needs are met.

Step 1

We start by getting to know you, your business and understanding what makes it unique. Using a series of questions, we learn about our client’s goals for the website and their target audience.

Step 2

Next, we come up with a number of ideas that best fit your needs. From there we narrow down the options until we come up with the perfect design for your custom website.

Step 3

We then begin building and creating your website, coming up with several different concepts and designs until we find one that best fits your needs. We will also walk you through the process every step of the way, to ensure you’re able to maximize your investment.

Step 4
Launch and Maintenance

Once the website has been built, we put it live for you to take it over. Now you own the site and are responsible for updating the content, ensuring that your site remains relevant at all times. We also offer our assistance should you require any assistance with making updates or creating new content.

A Custom Website for Every Need

Whether you’re looking for a simple one-page website or an eCommerce solution, our team of experts will work with you to find the perfect solution. Some areas where we can help include:

Business & Corporate Websites

Maintaining your image is important when it comes to your business. With a custom web design, you can ensure that your website matches the quality of your business. This will make it stand out to potential clients and they’ll know immediately that your company is up-to-date with current technology.

Nonprofit & Educational Sites

If you work in the nonprofit or education industry, you know how important it is to maintain professionalism and to represent your organization with class. By using a custom website you can ensure that your site is tailored to the industry and that it represents the work you do – without sacrificing quality.

Marketing & Presentation Sites

Having an attractive and professional website for business presentations, marketing plans and proposals gives you the edge over your competition. With a custom website, you can be confident that your site will match the quality of your work – every time.

Personal Sites

We all have aspects of our personality that we want to share with others – whether it’s a photography portfolio, a blog about fashion trends, or the history of your hometown – a personal website allows you to do just that.

eCommerce Solutions

If you’re looking to launch an eCommerce site, we can help design and build everything from an online store to a platform that allows you to accept online payments. We use top-of-the-line security protocols for all transactions, ensuring your customers feel safe on your site at all times.

Membership Sites

If you’re looking to start an online community or if you want to offer your customers premium content, a membership site is for you. Web-based sites allow you to maintain control over all of your data while still allowing your customers easy access to the information they require.

WordPress Website Development Pricing & Costs

We custom price each client depending on their needs, but here are some rough numbers to give you an idea of cost & spend. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Presentational Website


  • Strategic Planning
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframe
  • Design Concepts
  • Development Server
  • Launch
  • Followup
  • Typically around 10 pages
Ecommerce Web Development


  • Strategic Planning
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframe
  • Design Concepts
  • Development Server
  • Launch
  • Followup
  • Online store, cart, checkout
Custom Web Development


  • Strategic Planning
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframe
  • Design Concepts
  • Development Server
  • Launch
  • Followup
  • Custom database or web applications
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